2. kaibetch:

    Our dog Layla got hit by a car yesterday and she needs surgery tomorrow morning but we are short $500 and she cant live without the surgery ): we are having a yard sale in yucca valley message me for details. Anything helps! Visit www.GoFundMe.com/7qb6y8 #pug #puglife #pugstagram #puppy #dogs

  3. yoda pug for me

  4. Just a pug and his wookiee.

  5. Indiana turned 5 yesterday!!! she celebrated by being evil…

  6. Happy Pug-entine’s Day!

  7. Happy Pug-entine’s Day!

  8. sun bathing on a winter day.

  9. indiana, catmas 2013

  10. "mom, please. that present. i need it. please. i need it right now."